Every year, over 4,600 drownings and near-drownings occur in home pools. A properly constructed and installed fence is one way to reduce the risk of accidental drowning or injury in residential swimming pools. While nothing can replace parental supervision, a fence that complies with safety standards is important for the protection of our children.

Most localities require a minimum fence height around a swimming pool of 4' and have specific regulations concerning gates and fence materials. It is best to check with your local zoning/permit office concerning local ordinances regarding height and other requirements.


    Ornamental Fence, made of steel, aluminum, and vinyl (PVC) have become very popular because of their aesthetic and maintenance-free properties. The steel and aluminum fences generally have vertical pickets 5/8" to 1" in width. There are generally two or more horizontal members which hold the vertical pickets in place. When the horizontal members are 45" or less apart, the spacing between the vertical pickets should be no more than 1 3/4" wide. When the distance between the top and bottom horizontal members are over 45", the vertical pickets should be spaced so that a 4" ball cannot be passed between the pickets. 


    Chain Link Fence is the most functional and economical. The diamond mesh size of the chain link fence should not be larger than 1 1/4" to prevent small children from climbing it. When larger mesh chain link material is used, slats of wood, plastic, or aluminum should be installed to reduce the size of the openings to less than 1 3/4". If slats are to be used, check to make certain that the framework is strong enough to withstand the additional wind load on the fence.


    Gates should be installed to open outward, away from the pool, and always be equipped with self-locking latches and self-closing hinges and springs. If the fence is 4" tall, the latch should be installed on the pool side of the gate, at least 3" from the top. This would make it necessary to reach over the top of the gate to open it. If the latch must be mounted on the outside of the gate, it should be placed higher than 54". If the fence is 5' tall or higher, the latch should be installed at least 54" from the bottom of the gate. All gates should have self-latching mechanisms and be able to accept a locking device, such as a padlock, and be kept locked when not in use.



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